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Stay Active: Watch TV!

Of course, it’s best to engage with outdoors and get fresh air and sunshine, but there are some sneaky cheats that allow you to binge watch your way to activity!

You get no judgment here. Let’s face it, most of us like to sit and watch TV. We watch our favorite weekly shows, and sometimes we record our favorite shows to binge watch later. Before you know it, the time has passed, and nothing else was accomplished. You missed your workout, and now you’re thinking of ways to make up for that missed time. Many of us don’t even think about watching television actively, so here’s my five best tips to engage your body and make things a little fun!

Sit on a Stabilizing Ball

This is great for working on your core muscles. And once you get the hang of it, you can start to incorporate more exercises to make it challenging for yourself. You can work with some free weights and do sit ups. During the commercials, feel free to work on some reverse push-ups. A stronger core and muscles throughout your body (depending on what extra’s you are doing) are in your future.

Work on Isolation Exercises (Triceps and Curls)

Utilize this time to do exercises that isolate certain muscles. Start by working your triceps and biceps with free weights or bands while sitting in good form. Then move onto your thighs and glutes. Over time, you can master different variations of squats while shaping up your legs and butt. A few sets of 12–15 repetitions is all you need a few times a week to start to see some changes.

Ride a Bike or Get on the Treadmill

Want to get your sweat on? Burn up some calories? Hit the stationary bike or treadmill while watching TV. When on the treadmill, try working on a higher incline to get that heart pumping, and really get those glutes and legs engaged! On a stationary bike? Increase your level, and work on an interval program to engage your body. Feel free to grab a free weight and work those triceps and biceps too during the commercial breaks.

Do a Burst of Exercises During Commercials (Mountain Climbers and Jumping Jacks)

Intense short bursts of energy will really rev up your metabolism and work your body. During commercial breaks try to combine 3 to 4 intense movements to really get your heart pumping. You will benefit with increased endurance and a stronger body while burning up calories. Over time, you will become faster and more energetic.

Practice Deep Breathing

Sounds a little strange, but being able to master deep breathing is a great skill to achieve. Slow deep breathing increases your oxygen level, can help decrease your blood pressure through minimizing stress, aids in better sleep, and helps to relax your muscles. Practice deep breathing daily, and reap the benefits.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet along with my favorite tips for actively watching television can help increase cardiovascular health, heart health, strength, core strength, and muscle definition. It also aids in a more rested sleep. We all have the ability to take the steps in becoming more active throughout the day, so the next time you’re sitting there watching TV, try something new.

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