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Spread Positive Energy with American Ninja Warriors!

Sunwarrior makes it to Jamaica, carried there in the arms of Modern Tarzan and Ninja Travis Brewer. Our ninja friends were there, spreading their special brand of health and fitness with an obstacle course and bringing the positivity of the ninja movement to more of the world.

Ninja (Travis) and Tarzan (Nicholas), two top competitors on American Ninja Warrior and Sunwarrior ambassadors, are on a mission to spread positive energy through movement all over the world. They recently took on a new kind of project. They envisioned building Movement Playgrounds around the world to inspire more people to get out and strengthen their being. A Movement Playground consists of more technical obstacles and challenges than that of a normal playground. This new playground focuses a little more on strengthening the body, mind, and spirit within the element of play. We all know that exercising is good for us, but Ninja and Tarzan believe that being playful is just as important. Why not combine the two! That's what a movement playground is all about.

In choosing where the first playground should be built, they wanted somewhere that would help the community. An upcoming Ninja Acroyoga workshop happening in Jamaica, where Nicholas and Travis were instructors, turned out to be the perfect place for the first build. They found that their workshop location, Bred’s treasure beach sports park, had lots of land to build on as well as the tools needed. The locals were very excited for the project especially since no fundraising was involved due to the know-how and donations of the American Ninja Warriors!

Travis (Ninja), owns a clothing line that makes Ninja Pants called PiMovement which funded this project alongside AcroYoga. Nicholas (Tarzan) grew up building houses with his father who taught him tons of construction knowledge. Together, with this skill and lots of ninja course experience, they designed, planned, and built the entire structure, their various talents and contributions making the cost of the project relatively inexpensive. But the planning was only the beginning of what was a very challenging achievement.

They worked through long, hot, humid days—even in the rain! Some of the torrential down pours halted work, and they had to wait it out. Things took a relatively long time when it came to getting supplies and tools due to the fact the Island Time is not a myth. But on other days, there were rainbows encouraging them to keep going and excited faces as the course started to come to life! With some help from the locals that worked at the sports park, it all came together.

After teaching some of the locals how to run the course, people smiled and laughted as they challenged each other at different obstacles. A few of the obstacles built into this park were the warped wall (scaling 14.5 feet high), the double salmon ladder, and the unstable bridge. The structure was made to be adaptable so that new obstacles could be added in the future when new challenges are needed. They plan to return each year to maintain and add on to the playground. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a Jamaican Ninja Warrior!

This video was put together by them on their two-week excursion. They were extremely happy with the results, feeling more fired up than ever about what's to come next. This is only one of many more projects that Ninja and Tarzan plan to do for the communities of our world.

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