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Skin: You Gotta Live in It, so Love It!

Skin does more than just hold you all together; it is the body’s largest organ and deserves a little TLC!

woman_beach_sun_skin_happy_smile_picSkin, being the largest organ of the human body is not just responsible to wrap your body perfectly to keep the tissues, bones and organs intact, but it is responsible for much more. Skin is a delicate organ which acts almost like a breathing system. It absorbs everything you put on it, it allows your body to detoxify, it helps your entire body to cool down, and, above all, it protects every part of your body from external damage. It is a shield that is working 24/7 to keep you functioning at an optimal level. This amazing organ is responsible for how you look, how you feel about yourself and defines your entire life by its aging process.

This is skin for every normal person. Now, for people who are extremely active; people who are out running long distances, taking apart in triathlons or even practicing long hours of yoga. Skin is no longer just an organ, it becomes a challenge. Active people are constantly putting their bodies under constant pressure and exposing their skin to varying temperatures, pollutants, and adverse weather changes. Here are some tips for the fitness geeks in you to help you maintain a healthy, clean and glowing skin.

Natural products

With the booming beauty and health industries, there are some zillion products promoted to lure consumers into believing they’re about to make the best purchase of their life. As consumers and concerned individuals we need to spend some time reading labels, understanding ingredients, and choosing natural products or products containing less chemicals and preservatives.

Choosing natural products that are not tested on animals, contain no cancer producing ingredients, and no skin whiteners is the way to good skin.

glass_water_pour_grass_nature_outside_pure_picDrinking water

Yes, you have heard this before, and you are going to hear it again. Drinking good amounts of water is not just critical to help your organs function and to keep your active lifestyle functioning. Drinking water helps to detox your body, it helps to produce more skin elasticity and above all it helps to remove the lactic acid that is built up due to high endurance workouts.

Drink more water for the better you inside out.

Wash your face

As simple as this sounds, it really isn’t. Let me tell you, I have spent years where after a long run, I would just come home and not move. Washing my face made no sense as the “sweat “cleaned it up. Your pores open and close depending on the temperature of your body. When you are active, due to the internally generated heat, your pores are open. It is important during this time you cleanse and wash and make sure you tone your skin to bring them back to their natural state.


More than ingredients you put on your skin and the number of times you may wash your face, the key ingredient to good skin and good life is happiness. Your body is a natural mood ring. The more stressed you are, the more it shows on your skin and health in the form of acne, breakouts, hair falling out, and more. The good news is that staying active allows those happy-making endorphins to release.

Stay Fit.

Staying fit keeps your skin from being stretched out from love handles and fat build-up. Fitness is power. Use it the right way.

Check out a great way to cleanse and tone your skin!

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