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Rosemary Candied Rainbow Carrots

Variety is good! Eat a variety of color for a variety of nutrients. Eat a rainbow of flavor with these candied rainbow carrots!

“Let thy food be thy medicine…” Say for a moment that each color of the rainbow offered a different vitamin or nutrient. Would you try to spice up the color palette of your meals? Nature offers such a variety, it is nearly impossible to get bored if you apply a little creativity. If you’re not so into pre-planning meals by color, opt for ingredients that naturally vary in color! Like heirloom tomatoes or rainbow carrots.

Bright and sweet, theses rainbow carrots elevate to new levels with this recipe with fresh rosemary and brown sugar. Dripping in coconut oil and rich flavors, they are so beautiful and simple to make your family or guests just might start calling you the Bob Ross of Culinary delights. More good news, if the carrots are organic, leave the skin on! The soil that organic carrots is grown in can offer extra vitamins and minerals so avoid peeling them. Just rinse and trim the tops and cut them lengthwise into quarters.

rosemary carrots_pic

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