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Rocking the Battle Ropes

Shaking up your cardio workout keeps things fresh and gives you a better workout. Try Battle ropes for your next cardio!

Tim McComsey, trainer extraordinaire, is here with two battle rope exercises that are sure to provide a killer cardio workout. Battle ropes can be used in many ways, but Tim covers two of the most basic ways to utilize this exercise. The first exercise is the two arm rope slam. Keep both feet flat on the floor as you move the ends in an arc above your head, lifting them above your head and slamming them down.

The second exercise is the alternating rope slam. This is the classic battle rope exercise. Hold the ends of the rope in front of your hips with your hands shoulder-width apart. Begin alternately raising and lowering each arm. If you’re new to the battle ropes, start out small. Try performing each exercise for one minute straight and work your way up. You’ll see that ropes can be used for more than jumping and rappelling.

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