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Replanting Paradise is the Answer

Our food crises, both of quality and quantity. The insanity of the health care issue. The energy shortages and climbing prices. Environmental destruction. The disconnect from ourselves and our communities...

All these issues can quite possibly be solved by large-scale edible reforestation projects. This may sound to be a very bold statement, but of any solution brought forth, the adoption of permaculture principles and widespread organic gardening might alleviate MANY of our challenges. We can plant edible "food forests" across the cities, suburbs, and former monocropped fields. Massive stands of fruit and nut trees can feed our communities and our planet. We can replant paradise on Earth NOW. There is no better time to co-create a paradise planet through the construction of eco-villages and the planting of food forests.

Imagine walking through your own forest garden. Your grandchildren run past raspberry bushes and underneath a pear tree overflowing with fruit. That tree has been feeding your family for the past 30 years. Birds and insects fly about, and the food is completely abundant and free for the picking. The idea of not having food and even being sick is unheard of.

Imagine vast swaths of food forests covering lands that were once fields filled of GMO corn. The forests could be covering up the grass lawns that once dominated suburbia. Underneath the canopy, berries and vines fill in the understory. These food forests are living, breathing grocery stores, and they are right outside our door.

The fabled masters of the arts spend decades working on sculptures of rock and paintings. But what if one were to create a living masterpiece that then co-creates itself? One that grows and evolves while feeding its inhabitants? Could that be considered much more sacred and beautiful?

The fabled explorers of the world searched for Shambhala in the hope to find paradise again. Sadly it never occurred for them to just replant what was once lost and get on with LIVING.

We must replant paradise. We have seen where this current path is headed, and we can easily choose a better ending.

We can choose it first on the personal level. Then the level of the family, then the community, then the country and then the level of the entire planet.

A paradise planet can be ours if we simply want to co-create it. Replant Paradise. Do it now.

For more "Raw Model" Anthony Anderson Click here is about personal liberation from sickness, all types of dogma, self-imposed inhibitions, and the corporate food chain. It is about living in accordance with Nature's laws and being active in physically rebuilding the Paradise that our ancestors destroyed. Besides, you can find him as a contributing writer on The Huffington Post, Gliving, and WelikeitRaw. Anthony has modeled for companies such as Hugo Boss, Target, Macy’s, Tommy Hilfiger, JcPenney, Kohls, Gillette, Acura, and Paul Mitchell.



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