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Pumpkin Coconut Muffins

Nutrition is always in style, so before you put that pumpkin craving on the seasonal shelf for next year, try this recipe for muffins filled with nutritious fashion.

We’re a bit past the time of the year where pumpkin is in EVERYTHING: lattes, pies, bagels, beer, cookies, cereal and so much more. But just because we’ve reached 2017 doesn’t mean that pumpkin is “so last year.” These pumpkin coconut muffins are full of nutritional benefits and are gluten free. These are so healthy that you can eat them for breakfast or as a snack.

Health benefits of pumpkin:

  • Feel fuller because pumpkins are full of fiber.
  • Boost vision because pumpkins are full of Vitamin A, which promotes good vision. Vitamin A also helps maintain healthy skin, bones, and teeth.
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Have a healthier heart

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