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Oblique Exercises with Tim McComsey

Give your oblique muscles a work out to help stabilize and protect your spine by following along with Tim McComsey’s expertise!

The obliques, the muscles that run along the sides of your core, are muscles that sometimes get forgotten about when doing workouts for the midsection. The obliques help to stabilize and protect your spine, as well as help rotate your torso to the right and left. Fitness Trainer Tim McComsey is here with a couple exercises designed to get those side core muscles strong and popping.

The first exercise is the TRX Pendulum Swing. Place both feet into the TRX, and press into a push up position, keeping your body in a straight line. Swing your legs to the right, allowing your hips to slightly rotate. Bring your knees to your elbow, pause, and reverse the movement, performing the same on the opposite side. Remember to exhale each time you bring your knees to your elbows. Perform this exercise 10 times on each side then move directly into the next exercise.

Grab an exercise ball, and perform diagonal crunches. With your lower back on the apex of the ball, hands behind your head, perform a crunch, the right elbow coming up to meet the left knee. Go back to the starting position, then crunch with the left elbow to the right knee. After 10–15 reps, rest 30 seconds, then repeat both exercises 3 times.

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