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More Makeup for True Beauty

woman_young_white_hair_wall_lean_crossed_arms_smile_happy_secure_picEveryone has different ideals of beauty, but it could be said there are only a few true ones. What do you consider true beauty?

In the first article on Makeup for True Beauty, we spoke of some beauty tips involving the face, and now we’re going to branch out a bit to the rest of the body. Follow these, and everyone will see your true beauty.

Nail Polish

Reach out with your hands: bring color and brightness to the world. Make art. Make music. Dance silly. Connect with those who have less. Honor your gratitude by giving: lend a hand at a soup kitchen, care for a shelter animal, build a house with Habitat for Humanity, donate to a local non-profit. Perform random acts of kindness: pay for the next customer at your favorite café, leave a much loved book at the park for someone to find.

Body Lotion

Treat your body and the planet with love by eating healthy. Your skin will naturally smoothen and moisturize if you improve eating habits. Use fresh produce, whole grains, local goods, organic everything—you know the drill. Now just apply. Our bodies can only radiate what we put in them.

Toenail Polish

Pay attention to where your footfalls land. In the business of life, we occasionally trample over the environment, our family, friends, co-workers, even perfect strangers. If you have stomped all over something, try to fix it. Then learn from your mistake: find a better way to achieve your goals and go about your business. Tread lightly on this planet. Where you must leave footprints, plant seeds so flowers grow. (Something else that makes feet look cute and lovely: dancing silly!)


Dazzle the world with your unique, authentic self. We are all individuals sharing an existence. You can add to the experience by being true to yourself, by not molding to the whims of others just to be accepted. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. Speak your mind (heed the lip gloss advice first).

women_talk_listen_chat_park_bench_friends_discussion_picEvery time you walk out your door be sure to wear something that bedazzles: an inspiring idea? A helpful comment? A compliment? Adorn yourself with positive thoughts and intriguing ideas; they are far more valuable than any diamond.


Listen. Listen even beyond the words: hear what is really going on. If you are in an argument, do your best to hear what they’re really saying. Ask for their solution to the problem and go from there. Remember, it’s not about proving a point or offering an excuse; it’s about finding a solution.

If you have a friend going through tough times, just listen. You may have a comparable story to share, but make sure it offers a solution or solace from their problem and is not just a way for you to say something. Sometimes just listening, being there with someone’s pain in quiet honor is enough to alleviate suffering.

On Shaving

Smooth out your rough edges. Where are you prickly? Do you snap at people when you’re tired? Do you have little patience for that one person who seems to always rub you the wrong way? Do you flip off other drivers while in traffic?

Whatever it is, take stock of your imperfect behaviors one at a time, and try to find a way to handle the situation better in the future.

My steps to handle anger:

I take a deep breath and laugh. Then I say to myself, “This is not a big deal,” and do my best to let it go. We waste energy being angry at others. I don’t mean that we should let people walk all over us, just that, once the situation is over, you should release the anger.

“Being angry with someone is like grasping a hot coal and expecting the other person to get burned.” ~Buddhaghosa

Take a deep breath, and let go of the hot coal. Then see Mascara in part one.

Teeth Whitening

woman_pretty_cheer_park_happy_smile_picRemove the stains from your words, and I don’t mean stop swearing (though you can do that, too). Stop saying cruel, hurtful things. Even if you’re angry and believe the person on the receiving end deserves your ire. Even if they aren’t in the room. We need to stop poisoning our lives, and the world, with our words.

Make all your words intentionally beautiful. Pay attention to how many times during the day people treat you right. It happens all the time! Speak of those moments instead of trashing the one person who gave you grief this week.

Speak of the wonderful moments you experienced over the weekend instead of the traffic that you caught on your way to work. There are a million wonderful things to mention, yet how often do you find yourself complaining? Carry a notebook for a day and keep track of the things you say. Keep tipping the scale toward the wonderful.

The all-in-one beauty remedy and quick fix

The single most important thing you carry in your make up bag: the words thank you. Say them out loud, with your eyes, with your smile. Say them to yourself, to all of the wonderful things that you are and that you do. Say them to everyone you encounter and to everything that you have. Say thank you with your life. If the words thank you are the only makeup you ever use, you will forever remain an ageless, timeless, divine beauty.

Make sure to read part one for more great beauty tips!

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