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Makeup for True Beauty

Everyone has different ideals of beauty, but it could be said there are only a few true ones. What do you consider true beauty?

woman_young_hoodie_headphones_relaxed_walking_sunlight_happy_smile_picWe are surrounded by advertisements, articles, and commercials encouraging us to “become” beautiful. We are taught how to apply the perfect coat of lip gloss to make our lips lush, a delicate layer of eye shadow to make our eyes sparkle, but not taught how to speak kindly or look upon others with love. We are told which shampoo and conditioner will make our hair smooth and lustrous, but given no hint how to stay calm in trying situations or be a light in someone’s darkness. We are shown how to choose patterns that will flatter our body type, but there is no tip on treating others with respect. We are taught to be “in style,” but not how to be gracious or graceful. We are instructed on how to make ourselves “more” beautiful on the outside, but not given advice on how to become more beautiful on the inside. We all have the potential to be truly gorgeous, but it has to come from within.

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” ~ Roald Dahl

It takes practice, but you will feel immediate benefits. Men, don’t be discouraged; these tips are for you too. For this method, you do not need to purchase anything, though I do recommend keeping a journal.


When you first look upon yourself in the mirror, the raw real you, acknowledge the wonderful being that you see by giving yourself six compliments. We all have faults, ugly bits, things we need to work on and grow from. For now, focus on the things you do well or like about yourself. See your inner child and encourage him or her to grow, to learn, to play.

boy_cute_nature_paint_mirror_trees_happy_smile_colorful_picAs you go about your day, instead of pointing out the negative things about someone, think of six things you can appreciate about them. No need to say them out loud, unless you want to. Just focus on them.

Looking for the best in yourself and others will alter your behavior and happiness levels throughout the day. Even if you don’t notice a difference at first, keep doing it. Redwoods don’t become majestic overnight either.


Let gratitude be your foundation. There is always something to be grateful for. In every moment, no matter how challenging, take time to list a few things that you are grateful for.

Whenever I eat, I think of where my food is coming from: someone tilled the field, planted the seed, cared for the plants, harvested the crop, and delivered it to the supermarket, where it was stocked on shelves and checked out by a clerk. Then there is the glorious sun that enabled the plant to grow, the water and soil that nourished it. There are a lot of people and resources that come together to provide us with each and every meal, with every moment.

Wanting is wonderful, but don’t forget to be grateful for the things you already have: your clothes, the house you live in, your friends, family, your job, and the opportunity to make money.

What would happen if you awoke tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today?

If you’re having trouble, try being specific: I am grateful for this apple. For this green light. For this breath. Gratitude will smooth out your less graceful behaviors and give you the strength and foundation to act beautifully.

Lip Gloss/Lipstick

girl_princess_lip_gloss_mirror_smile_happy_makeup_pretty_cute_picBefore you speak, think about what you are going to say. Does it encourage, enlighten, benefit, inspire, educate, enliven? If the answer is yes, endeavor to convey the message with love, patience, and kindness.

Smile more. A smile is a simple gift we can bestow at any moment. Let people find your mouth attractive through the words, thoughts, and ideas that come of out of it.


Dust yourself in a sparkling love for life. Radiate joy. When we are grateful, we are joyous. Share your exuberance for life with everyone around you. If I am not smiling in between my waves, then I am unhappy for most of my surf session. Sure, there is mucky work to be done, to-do lists to cross off, but you know what? If we don’t endeavor to live in joy during all of the in between moments, we are missing out.

Smile in reverie of all the wonderful things that your life has brought you and all of the things to come. Get other people to see the bright side. We live in a fascinating world full of possibility. Make your enthusiasm contagious!

Replace boring negativity with lusty potential!

Eye Shadow

Emanate kindness and warmth—to the rich, the homeless, the good and evil.

“Only light can banish the darkness from this world.” ~ Zen proverb

Soften your gaze; lessen your “pre-judgments.” Just because someone doesn’t dress like or even live like you, understand that we are all just children from somewhere. Come to a place of understanding and compassion for the various places that we all find ourselves in life. Know that not everyone has girl_smile_nature_happy_grass_cute_picwalked your path, had your opportunities—nor you theirs.

Positive change comes through kindness and encouragement, not angry words or hurtful comments. Let us encourage positive growth. Send love like a beam of light using only your eyes. When you look upon someone, anyone, mentally send them a message “I honor you and encourage you to become the best version of yourself.” This is the stuff grace is made of.


Lengthen the amount of time you look upon the world with wonder and awe. Keep your eyes wide open.

“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to sharpen.” ~ Eden Phillpotts

When we are amazed by the world around us, when we turn our eyes to the sky and marvel at how vast and open it is, we imbibe from the fountain of youth. You will look younger, more alive, and more awake.

When you see the magic that surrounds us, the magic that is within us, the sheer magnificence of being alive, of being human, you will be reborn. Again and again.

Just try it. Marvel at the world around you, at the complex systems embodied in every form, in everything. Look closer. Look farther. I dare you.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

See Mascara.


man_hands_boy_high_five_happy_confidence_picIf you want to make your eyes stand out, draw people to your soul. Share your true self, your true colors. Use your particular passions and talents to bring your best features to the world. Show us that special pool of gold or that little fleck of blue in your eyes by sharing how you come alive when you ___________ (fill in the blank). Dazzle us with who you truly are by accentuating your life with the things you love to do most. Don’t let them slip away. It doesn’t matter if you’re “the best,” just that it fills you with joy and makes you an invigorating inspiration to those around you.

Keep an eye out for part two, coming in the next week or two!

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