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Lose the Love Handles

Show yourself the love by losing the love handles! Tim McComsey is here to show you how!

Fitness Trainer and Dietician Tim McComsey is comin’ in hot, and this time he’s poolside. So throw out the bulky equipment, and discard the dumbbells, because this exercise demonstration doesn’t need anything but yourself. You may be asking yourself why we’re doing this thing poolside in 100 degree weather?! Because Tim’s gonna make you sweat. This set of exercises will help increase your metabolism, burn calories, decrease body fat, all while sweating those extra pounds (and hopefully those love handles) away in the heat.

So here’s the low-down. Tim’s got three different exercises. Do them all in a row with no breaks. Rest one minute then repeat the set four times. The first exercise is one of your favorites (but probably not one of your favorites): the burpee! For 30 seconds, burpee your little heart out. Now, move directly into the mountain climbers with a twist. Climb that mountain for 30 seconds then move directly into jump squats for another 30 seconds. Rest for one minute (and don’t worry, that minute will fly by) then get those babies done all over again. If you’re not sweating and completely out of breath by the end of these sets, you’re probably Superman, so do a few more sets. Time to get sweating!

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