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Kristen Suzanne

Kristen's Raw was launched in January of 2007 to provide information, products, services, advice, and recommendations that make it easy for anybody to adopt the Raw, vegan lifestyle.

"High Raw"

On this site, we recognize the value of incrementalism, and we're aware that all people are different, have different priorities, and that we're all at different places along our journey through life. So while we appreciate (and often personally strive for) being 100% Raw (at least most of the time), we know that sometimes that doesn't happen, despite the clear health benefits. We therefore embrace the notion of what is often called the "High Raw" diet, which typically refers to an all vegan diet (no meat, dairy, or eggs) that is 75-80% Raw or more. That said, we fully support 100% Raw Foodism (see below).

Kristen Suzanne

Kristen Suzanne was a competitive natural bodybuilder in her early 20's and has been 100% vegan since 2002. At that time, she was approximately 50% Raw, with her cooked foods comprising mostly tofu, vegetables, and pasta. In 2005, Kristen migrated to being 75% Raw. Since 2006, she has been 95% Raw. In Raw Foodism parlance, this equates to somebody eating almost only Raw meals AND/OR attempting to always eat Raw meals that may contain very small amounts of an ingredient that isn't Raw (spices are a common example, as it's not always easy to ascertain how a spice was dried or prepared).

Some Raw Foodists are careful in their attempt to be 100% Raw, which we support. Wherever possible on the site, we strive to make clear whether recipes or other resources are 100% Raw or merely High Raw.



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