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HIIT with the Battle Ropes | Workout Video


Tim McComsey, fitness trainer, nutritionist, and owner of TRyM Fitness, takes on the battle ropes this week with 5 exercises in just 6 minutes. Most gyms have these heavy ropes available for you now and they are pretty simple to use as you maximize your workouts and your valuable time. You will do each exercise for ten seconds with a ten second break between each one until the 6 minutes are up. Start with the quick up-downs. Don't worry, Tim shows you how to do them all. Follow it up with big rope slams side to side. Back to up-downs with a squat thrown in for good measure. Then ropes on the ground side to side while holding a squat. End with power slams up and down. This provides plenty of cardio while toning your arms, chest, abs, glutes, and even your legs.

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