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Halloween Bean and Guacamole Chips and Dip

For a bean and guacamole dip that kids will love so much that it’s scary, this Halloween cemetery is sure to be a hit!

Is there anything creepier than a graveyard at Halloween? I don't think so. Our imaginations can run away with us sometimes and really scare us. But these graveyard cups won’t scare you! They are yummy and fun. These cups are filled with only healthy food and will fill those little tummies before they go have fun on Halloween. You can fill them with virtually anything that goes together. They also can be made in either small cups or a large bowl to benefit a crowd.

The black beans have fiber, potassium, folate and vitamin B6. They also help lower your cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease. Avocados have healthy fats, folate, and Vitamin K essential to our overall health. The olives also have healthy fat and contain high doses of vitamin E, iron, and copper.

Be that fun parent, and serve your kids fun and delicious food!

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