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How I Got My Body Back (Post-Baby)

Not everyone can shrink back to pre-baby body size right after giving birth, but give these tips a little work and you might surprise yourself.

sarah_edmondson_bikini_body_slim_after_baby_beach_trees_picWell, it’s official. What they say is true: it takes nine months to make a baby and nine months to get your body back. Well, I’m sure there are many exceptions to that since every woman’s journey is different, but that was my experience.

Troy turned nine months, and I can fit into my skinny jeans. Hurrah! I really thought I would never wear any of my old clothes again after I gave birth. And truly, I really didn’t care. I had birthed a human! And he was perfect!

The first three months I could barely walk, let alone exercise. I was focusing on my son and recovered very slowly, at which point I started with the private yoga classes at home, as I mentioned in a previous blog.

But I wanted to share some tips that helped me feel good in my body again once I was ready to work at it!

First, I found classes that allowed me to bring Troy along. In Vancouver there are lots of “mommy and me” type things, namely FIT FOR 2 which was conveniently half a block away. I did some wonderful spin and barre classes with Troy laying on a blanket in front me. Unfortunately, we can’t do those anymore because he is crawling like a maniac and that just wouldn’t be safe! But the company does offer stroller boot camp, which I’m going to try out this week. I’ll let you know how that goes!

I also committed to a daily yoga practice, switching it up between a hot, power, core, or Pilates class at YYOGA.

Between one class a day, one long walk a day (weather permitting), and frequent breast feeding for a growing boy, the weight truly fell off. Now I’m focusing on toning up again and getting strong. Fortunately, with Troy at 22 pounds, I am constantly working out! My upper body strength is increasing daily!

But until recently, I was still completely aware of my very different body. A few things helped.

workout_yoga_pants_headphones_shoes_sports_bra_exercise_picOne was my black workout pants by FIRMA wear. They kept my stomach in and helped remind me to tighten and strengthen my core without having to wear one of those uncomfortable belly bands (which lots of other mamas recommend). I did have one of those, but I never wore it! It was too stiff for my sensitive body. All I wanted to wear was stretchy yoga clothes and soft fabrics. Maybe there’s a better brand out there I can find for round two! Please weigh in if you’ve found one that’s better.

I was also very diligent about finding a physio that specialized in pelvic floor rehab. Dyan Physio in Vancouver gave me specific exercises to do every day to help strengthen my core and make sure I didn’t have any diastasis. The regimen was simple and easy to follow—very specific, gentle moves that got more active as I got stronger. I truly feel that this was an imperative aspect to my healing, but it took diligent, persistent commitment.

So find what works for you and try to really embrace your body no matter what.

I did an incredible thing: created a baby! That’s a miracle that far outweighs stretch marks or anything else, truly!



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