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End of Summer Obliques Exercises

The end of summer is here, and with that comes an onslaught of typically unhealthy holidays. Stay trim and fit throughout the year by following trainer Tim McComsey.

This quick 2-exercise workout aimed at strengthening and toning your midsection will keep you healthy and fit. Everyone knows what abs are, but do you know what obliques are? If not, they’re those muscles that run along the sides of your core. {k9fvdzjg} They help rotate your torso left and right, and help stabilize and protect your spine.

Tim’s outside in the sunshine at a local park, but feel free to do this workout anywhere you can find a bar and an exercise band. For the first exercise, grab a bar that’s high enough to keep your feet off the ground while fully extended. Keeping your stomach tight, swing your feet side to side. Not only does this exercise work your obliques, but also your lats, forearms, and your grip. Hang tight and swing for 30 seconds, take a short rest, then repeat 3 times.

For the second exercise, tie one end of an exercise band to a bar at the height of your head. Gripping the band overhand, put the band sideways and down, keeping your core nice and tight. Do this 12–15 times, then perform on the other side. Take a short rest, and repeat 3 times.

Have a post work out snack to cool off from your work out!

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