Frozen Green Smoothie Pops

You know that green smoothies are supernatural, right? They’re super tasting, and they’re natural and become even more supernatural as frozen green smoothie popsicles!

Have you ever had super, natural frozen green protein smoothies? Today, Talia of Party in My Plants shows you how to turn those super, natural green protein smoothies into super, natural frozen green smoothie popsicles. These are the kind of healthy treats that you’ll want in your freezer at all times. So gear up your blender, and follow along. {94dkuxn7}


Frozen Green Smoothie Pops

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Begin by dumping chopped banana into your blender. Add in spinach, and Sunwarrior vanilla protein, and water. That’s it? You say? Yes, we say. That’s it! Blend those darn healthy ingredients into a creamy, smooth consistency. Then dump that creamy, dreamy perfection right into your popsicle molds. After filling your molds (and yes, you will have a little spillage), pop these pops right into the freezer for at least 3 hours. At least 3 hours later, pop these pops right onto your counter, let thaw for a few brief minutes, wiggle, remove, and enjoy. What’s so great about these pops, besides being probably the healthiest summer treat on the planet, is that they’re chlorophyll for the entire family. Now go and end your summer right. Keep these babies going on into the fall. And the winter. Heck, just keep these babies around all year long! You’ll be glad you did!

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