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Detox Juice

Enjoy yourself a little too much this holiday season? If that's the case, here’s a little pick-me-up detox juice to get your body back on track.

Did you get a late start on your New Year’s resolutions? The holiday season can bring laughs, memories, extra booze, and delicious indulgences. But it also can bring dehydration, inflammation, and weight gain that’s difficult to bounce back from. Even if you were trying to be healthy, it is easy to get swept up in the moment. Some of you are trying to get over that lingering post-holiday hangover right now or maybe just trying to detox from that inflammation fest you just had.

Before you grab your morning coffee or tea after you wake up, chug a couple glasses of water with lemon to hydrate your system. Then make this healthy hydration drink. Who needs GMO processed sports drink that claims to rehydrate you when it makes you feel actually worse. This fresh, organic cocktail will nourish your cells, rehydrate you, and bring you back to life. This is easy on the digestive system and packed with fiber; not to mention that your body will be flooding with fresh nutrients. Drink this hangover cure, and give yourself a couple of hours to feel amazing again. Say goodbye to your holiday hangover and hello to an energized new you!

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