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Chest and Tricep Exercises

Feel the burn this summer. Not a sun burn but a muscle burn with Tim McComsey and his tricep and chest exercises!

It’s summertime, and everything’s great! With summer comes heat, so, today, Tim’s taking his workouts poolside. If you don’t have a pool, no need to fret. Just find somewhere you’re comfortable and follow along as Tim helps transform you into your best self. For this workout, Tim demonstrates two chest exercises and two tricep exercises. For all four exercises you need a bench or chair. If you’re a fan of the traditional push-up, you might just be a fan of these two chest exercises – the incline and decline push-up, performed just like a regular push-up, but with your hands or feet on the bench. Now, to get the back of those arms burning, Tim performs a traditional bench dip and the skull crusher (which sounds much worse than it is). After these exercises, your core, your chest, and your triceps will all be thanking you by giving you a nice deep, burning sensation. The kind of burn that’s good.

And make sure you cool off with chocolate freezer fudge, the perfect after workout protein treat.

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