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Chocolate Freezer Fudge

Cool heaven: that’s what we’re giving you with this chocolate freezer fudge treat. Who knew freezers could be so much fun?

Shhhh, you are about to be initiated into a secret wisdom that few know. Your freezer can be a source of delicious desserts, and we aren’t talking popsicles. These are the desserts you might typically expect to come from the oven or stovetop. Join the always exuberant host of Party in My Plants, Talia Pollock, as she brings you into the fold of the Chocolate Freezer Fudge.

Talia has always been a fan of two independently awesome things combined into one even awesomer thing, like shampoo conditioner, pajama jeans, and planter desks. Fudge and frozen treat aren't that unusual when you think about it. Especially in the summer, when almost anything coming out of the freezer tastes so fantastic and anything not cold seems less appetizing. Add to this awesomeness that this freezer fudge is rich in plant protein, and you have a three awesomes in one recipe. You’re welcome!

Talia shares her top three suggestions on how to enjoy them too. 1) In a cooler at the beach. 2) After a sweaty summer workout. 3) As an afternoon pick-me-up. 4) As a dessert. Just so you know Talia isn’t great at coloring inside the lines, even when she makes those lines herself. 5) When bored. 6) When the chocolate craving comes a-callin’. 7) Just kidding – make up your own reasons.

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