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Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

There are a bunch of benefits to eating a plant-based diet —reasons that make the lifestyle changes totally worth it.

woman_smile_kitchen_vegetables_vegan_picThe plant-based diet is not a fad as many may assume. It’s more of a lifestyle change. When I tell people about my dietary habits, about 80% imagine a cow munching on a bunch of leaves. No kidding! At one point that might have been true. But, that is not the real picture of a person dedicated to a plant-based diet now. It’s more about eating natural foods, maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, feeding your body loads of nutrition, and changing your view on life 180 degrees. But why would anyone want to make such drastic changes in their lifestyle and eating habits?

Reason 1: Disease prevention

Year after year, there are a zillion research papers that prove the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Eating mostly legumes, vegetables, fruits, rice, and nuts and seeds can cut your chances of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension.

Reason 2: Weight management

Many people struggle with their weight. I am not just talking weight loss, but weight management. This includes people who are fit but want to stay within a certain weight range for sports or health reasons. Eating a plant-based diet automatically balances your hormones, thyroid levels, reduces blood pressure, regulates insulin level, and keeps your colon moving. People generally forget how all the above, and more, play an important role in weight management. It’s not just about calories and protein consumption.

Reason 3: Better You!

A plant-based diet works from the inside out. Eating a high-nutrient diet, filled with powerful antioxidants, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and natural healing properties, can do wonders for you. By consuming such a diet, you are allowing your body to heal inside out. Every time you feed your body processed foods, dairy, meat, and candy, your body starts producing high amounts of acid and tries to detox. By eating an alkaline diet, your blood is more alkaline, your colon is cleaner, and your body is less congested inside. This all leads to better skin, better hair, better eyesight, and, above all, a better quality of life.

plant-based-heartvegan-largeReason 4: Long term

This lifestyle is about quality of life and what works long term. Your body needs carbs, fat, essential vitamins and minerals, which are all provided in the plant-based lifestyle. This works long term and not just for you, but for the environment, and for your future.

The plant-based diet: Think you. Think earth. Think future.

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