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Banana Flour Brownies

If you think brownies can’t fit into your healthy diet, you are wrong. These banana flour brownies are the answer!

Brownies may not be the traditional health food, but you can switch out unhealthy ingredients and replace them with whole foods. A little treat here and there is great, not only for your body, but also for your brain. Allowing yourself to have a healthy treat once or twice a week can help reduce sugar cravings.

The quest for healthy brownies is always on my radar. Countless hours have been spent in the kitchen trying to formulate a delicious and healthy recipe that is gluten free, nutritious, and tasty! I stumbled across banana flour at my local health food store and was intrigued to try it. The result was excellent, and these brownies were a knockout. After a few hit and misses, I developed a delicious and chocolate filled brownie that will leave you wanting seconds. The ingredients in these brownies are pure and simple. This recipe uses chocolate which contains antioxidants which can help your body stave off diseases and help to clear out free radicals in the body. If you have an allergy to chocolate, you can always swap it out for carob powder.

Banana flour is made of green bananas which have a high starch content so you can cut back on the amount of flour in a given recipe. When blended with other ingredients, the flour has a very neutral taste. Banana flour is unlike any other flour as it boasts a high potassium content and rich in minerals and vitamins. Unlike the delicious yellow ripe banana’s we have all grown to love, green bananas are lower in sugar. Green bananas also have resistance starch. What that means is that it passes through your intestine unchanged. It is converted into an insoluble fiber which can help constipation. Overall green bananas are amazing for controlling blood sugar and managing weight.

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