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Advanced Speed Ladder Drills with Tim McComsey

These advanced heart-pumping speed ladder exercises will enhance balance, rhythm, and body control. Let Tim McComsey show you the way!

Fitness Trainer and Dietician Tim McComsey is back in the gym with a second set of speed ladder drills you will not want to miss. Now that you’ve mastered Tim’s beginner ladder drills, give these more advanced exercises a go to keep your feet fast and your coordination sharp. They won’t disappoint. The speed or agility ladder has many health benefits. It helps to increase your heart rate, and improve your balance and coordination. This exercise burns tons of calories, and even helps sharpen your focus.

The first drill Tim demonstrates is called the skier. If you’ve skied moguls, you’ll know why. The back and forth motion and shifting of balance from foot to foot increases natural equilibrium and stability. This is a long term benefit that can aid in everyday walking and household tasks. As people age, equilibrium becomes a huge factor in health and safety. Doing skier drills with the ladder allows you to work those muscles and create the muscle memory that will stay with you as you age, keeping you upright and on your feet.

The second exercise is the lateral knee shuffle. This drill helps to improve lateral mobility and lateral speed. Keep your balance locked in your core as you step in to and out of the ladder.

And the third drill is the diagonal foot tap. This drill fortifies the motion of pulling the foot up under the hip. This fast moving drill improves muscle control and increases agility and balance.

Follow along closely as Tim demonstrates these drills. It may take a bit to master them, but don’t get discouraged. We know you have what it takes!

You don’t want to miss Tim McComsey’s beginner ladder drills!"

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