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The Acid/Alkaline Balance in the Body

Feeling a bit too acidic? Get a better idea of what that means and how to balance yourself out!

man_meditate_quiet_lake_water_sunset_warm_bright_picThe basis for the standard diet of society is centered in and around the root, seed, and muscle program that constitutes a fast food menu. The root is the French fries (potatoes), the seed is the bun, and the muscle is the meat. And though they look a bit different in each establishment, the very same ingredients are used in most chain restaurants around America. This is a formula for weight gain, dampened digestion, cellular atrophy, arthritic pain, and decreased mental performance. Chronic acidosis is the guaranteed result if these food options are not replaced entirely, or at the least balanced with alkaline forming foods such as green leafy vegetables and their juices, water rich seeded fruits, herbs, and sufficient amounts of fresh water.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that cancer cells replicate through the process of fermentation (sugar-respiration). This discovery has proven to be paramount to the understanding of maintaining an alkaline environment in which cells respire on oxygen to support the body’s needs. In the beginning of our day, the body is in its most natural acidic state. Therefore, consuming one to two liters of fresh water with sea salt is necessary to flush out the acidic build-up. Moving the body is also important for increasing oxygen production and can include such exertion as yoga, walking, stretching, or light exercise. All these activities require slow-moderate breathing which is paramount for oxygen-respiration and alkaline function.

The acid/alkaline balance is regulated by the body’s elimination channels. The primary systems of the body responsible for acid and alkaline regulation are the lungs (respiration), kidneys (urination), and the sweat glands of the skin (perspiration). The body is constantly producing acid waste from the daily process of metabolism and various lifestyle circumstances. It reduces acid by completely removing it through one of the modes of elimination. If we consume too many artery clogging foods devoid of fiber, chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and other essential ingredients, our cells will be unable to transport enough oxygen throughout the body.

Enjoy this excerpt on the acid/alkaline balance from my book The Life Food Peak Performance System:

friends_happy_active_hiking_cool_healthy_fit_pic“Acid and alkaline substances contain opposing characteristics. As these elements meet, they cancel each other’s dominant attributes, promoting a homeostatic effect. This is the cosmic law of the universe. Elemental forces work as a dualistic mechanism where one cannot operate without the other. When we consume foods dominant in alkaline forming minerals, we promote an internal-environment capable of offsetting the over-production of metabolic-waste-products/acid formations. Food on its own does little to affect the overall PH of our blood. Instead, it positively or negatively influences the functionality of our body’s inherent acid-buffer-systems that regulate blood and lymphatic chemistry. The body will rarely draw upon alkaline substances from our blood directly as the body systematically works in a chain of command from the stages of importance for survival and maintenance. This means that if the systems in the body have not been given optimal tools for function(alkalineminerals) it will seek to extract what is needed from areas of lesser importance for immediate survival such as our joints, ligaments, muscle tissue, spinal column, teeth, bone structure, as well as the central nervous system in order to buffer the metabolic pressure. Acidosis becomes the result of too much hydrogen in the blood and not enough oxygen, thus becoming an oxygen deprived environment.”

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