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5 ways to improve your digestion

Digestion is vital to our health and happiness; check out these 5 ways to improve your digestion and your health and happiness, too!

The three things we do every day is eat and sleep and, you know, eliminate. And the one thing that affects all three of these biological needs is digestion. Digestion plays a vital role in our daily life. In order to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle, we need to promote good digestion. What are the 5 easy ways to improve digestion?


Probiotics are live bacteria found in your gut that maintain a good balance in your body. They are responsible for building good bacteria in your stomach and removing infections and other diseases that may create havoc in your system.

Eat more foods rich in probiotics. Sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha are some of my favorite items packed with vital probiotic strains that improve digestion. When choosing a probiotic supplement. Make sure to get a SBO (soil based organisms) probiotic as these kind are not destroyed in the acid of the stomach and can survive into the intestinal tract.

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Eating foods packed with fiber is not just good to keep that extra weight off your waistline, but it helps bind all the materials in your colon and also helps keep you feeling full. Another perk is that fiber lowers high cholesterol. Eat fruits that are rich in natural fiber: fruits, greens, oats, buckwheat, and healthy fats such as avocado and nuts.


Nothing moves right when your body is not hydrated well. Water helps to move the fiber in your system; it also helps in improving digestion and helps in quick elimination of toxins. Drink at least 2–3 liters of water or more depending on your activity level.


No matter what you eat or how active you are, stress can ruin it all in just a few minutes. Leading a lifestyle packed with anxiety and stress is quite normal nowadays. Your body reacts to stressful situations by slowing down your metabolism and your digestion rate. This can lead to constipation, ulcers, and even colon pockets.

To promote good stress management, create the habit of meditating for a few minutes every day, go for a run when you feel stressed, or stand under a warm shower as long as you like. Create some stress management tools that will come in handy when you feel like your life is falling apart.


Getting a good massage is just good for your overall health. It improves blood circulation, drains the lymphatic system, and, of course, improves your digestion. Keep your palm on your stomach and apply warm castor oil on your abdomen. Gently rub clock wise and anti-clockwise for about 10 minutes. Castor oil is known to cool your system down and helps improve digestion and eliminate toxins.

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