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5 Ways to Fight Environmental Allergies Naturally

Ah-choo! Allergies can really mess up a day, so use these five tips to keep your allergies to a minimum, and enjoy your day!

Allergies are not on anyone’s to do list. They can present symptoms such as fatigue, itchy and watery eyes, abdominal discomfort, sneezing, nasal congestion, and asthma. What are environmental allergies? Pollen, pets, dust mites, cigarette smoke and mold and mildew are your top contenders! Not fun for anyone who suffers from these environmental allergies. The following list can help you decrease your reaction in a safe, natural way.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

It’s a beautiful day, a nice cool breeze is flowing and your initial instinct is to open the doors and windows to air out the house. Before making that move, check the air condition for your allergen triggers. To minimize your allergy response, keep those windows and doors closed to protect the air quality inside your home. Another good idea is to purchase air filters for your home that filter for allergens to help reduce air contamination.

Shower When Coming Inside

You’ve spent time outside, and as the day progresses your allergies start to wear you down. You get home and just want to crawl into bed. Did you know that the moment you walk through the door, you’re also bringing inside all pollutants that have attached to your clothes, body, and hair while you’ve been outside? Toss your outside clothes into the laundry room, and hit the shower to remove any residual allergens before crawling into bed. This can greatly decrease the amount of reaction you are experiencing.

Face Steaming and Nasal Rinse

If you are suffering from nasal and chest congestion you can try either of these. Although the nasal rinse is primarily for nasal congestion, you may benefit from nasal and congestion relief with facial steaming. With face steaming, after boiling water and placing it in a bowl (or leaving it in the pot) add a few drops of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils to the water, place a small towel over your head before breathing in the steam to receive the natural benefits. You can also add a few drops in the corner of your shower before hopping in.

Drink More Fluids

Fluids are a great source for protecting your body and enabling optimal function. When you are subjected to an allergic reaction, histamine inside your body help fight the foreign trigger (like pollen) releases. Studies have shown that a dehydrated body will produce more histamine, resulting in a more unpleasant allergic reaction. So, keep that fluid intake going all day long. Water is always your best choice.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for optimal immunity to help fight allergies. Quercetin (found in onions and apples), Vitamin C (found highly in berries, tomatoes and dark leafy vegetables), Bromelain (found in pineapples), have natural anti­histamines. And never underestimate the powers of homeopathic remedies to help temper an allergic response. Acupuncture studies have shown a reduction in nasal allergies. Verbena, cat’s claw, and elderflower have all shown to help with nasal sinusitis as well.

If you are one of millions that suffer from environmental allergies and looking for natural options to help combat your symptoms, the above list will guide you in the right direction. Many suffer from more acute and life threatening allergies that require immediate medical attention. Make sure you always consult your physician and have medically necessary aids at your fingertips.

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