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5 Tricks to Feel More Energetic Today!

Written by Lauren Rae, Wellness Coach and CPT at TRYM Fit

Many people experience a lack of energy at some point during the day, but we don’t have to allow it to take over our lives. Feel more energetic with these tips!


Are you dragging by 3pm? Does a nap in the car ever sound more appealing than your lunch break? Your body is capable and deserving of so much more than surviving the day. If you ever feel less than energetic, try these five tricks for feeling more energetic almost instantly. Always consult your doctor if you have concerns about low vitamin D, vitamin B12, or adrenal gland abnormalities, all of which can contribute to low energy levels.

Have Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens

The more energy you spend being active or combatting the effects of stress, the faster you’ll deplete the level of trace minerals in your body. To replace them, try the vital nutrients in Sunwarrior’s supergreens to fuel each and every cell in your body with natural, green energy. “Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens include potent nutrition from alfalfa, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, oat grass, parsley, moringa, and ginger. These supergreens are grown in pristine, ancient volcanic valleys. The fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soil nurtures these organic greens, enriching them with trace minerals.”

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Skipping breakfast could give you some serious carb craving. And consuming simple carbohydrates and sugars will lead to an energy crash later in the afternoon. Instead, be sure to eat a high protein breakfast with complex carbohydrates like Sunwarrior’s Activated Barley or some sprouted whole grain oatmeal. The body can convert this type of meal into long-lasting, slow-burning energy to carry you through the day.

woman_headache_tired_stressed_annoyed_pinch_picChange Your Body Position

Check into the environment your body is being held in right now. If you’re slouching under florescent lighting in a ten story high office building surrounded by concrete and wires, chances are you feel pretty bad! Get up and talk a walk outside, barefoot if possible. Grounding and connecting to the earth while moving around and replacing stagnant air with fresh oxygen could be the trick you need to start feeling better instantly.

Surround Yourself with Energy

Energy breeds energy. If you’re surrounded by mood sucking individuals—run! Look for people that are thriving each and every day and copy what they are doing. If you can, escape your complaining co-workers for a lunch break with someone inspirational and motivating. It is hard to feel tired and drained after a healthy lunch with powerful conversation!

A Quick Rest and Reboot is Okay

If your body is saying rest, don’t power through—rest and reboot. A good way to tell if you need rest is if you’re experiencing carb and sugar cravings. A simple 5 minute meditation or 15 minute power nap can shift your focus to healing and renewal. If you’re not already acquainted with a meditation practice, there are many to try for free on YouTube. Your app store will also have some options for purchase if you find a program you enjoy. Happy healing!

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