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5 Recipes for Your Next Picnic Spread!

Get ready for the cooler weather or last minute beach parties with these tasty picnic recipes.

family_couple_kids_beach_rocks_picnic_wet_cool_fun_windy_lunch_blankets_basket_picIt’s starting to get cooler, which means more people are venturing outdoors and picnics are sure to abound! Try these recipes for your next outing along with all your usual fruit and tofu burger picnic essentials!

Raw Swiss Chard Veggie Wraps with Creamy Pecan Spread

These wraps are to die for! This is a fun recipe from Vegetarian Times to make, and one that even the kids could be involved with preparing. It does require planning, so make sure you don’t wait until the day of to get started. I recommend prepping it the day before and preparing it the day of your picnic. Don’t overfill the wraps, otherwise they won’t close easily!

Mediterranean Pressed Picnic Sandwich

This sandwich from Vegetarian Times is absolutely delicious. It is another overnight-or-let-it-sit-for-two-hours kind of recipe, but I think most picnickers will be delighted to have a hardy sandwich to nibble on with all the other great eats! If you’re vegan, you can substitute the mozzarella with thin slices of pressed, extra firm tofu, smoked tofu, or even your favorite vegan mozzarella cheese substitute instead.

Healthy White Bean Dip with Avocado and Cilantro

Every picnic needs a dip for dipping! Peas & Crayons has this delightful dip that would go great as a spread or for dipping chips, crackers, bread, and vegetables.

Cumin Roasted Carrot Hummus

family_man_women_children_picnic_outside_spring_watermelon_lunch_food_healthy_fruit_yum_picFor those of you with sophisticated picnic taste buds, give this hummus from The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen a spin with your favorite dipping food or as a spread on bread and crackers.

Rose Water Cardamom Cornmeal Cake

What do you call a picnic without cake? A sad picnic. Make your picnic a happy one and include this fabulous gluten free cake by From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen. If you’re vegan, you can easily substitute the butter, yogurt, and eggs with your favorite vegan substitutes.

Add a delicious salad to your picnic!

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