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6 Yummy Salad Recipes for Your Next Picnic

Salad doesn’t have to be greens and dressing all the time. Give a few of these picnic salad recipes a try on your next outing.

picnic_couple_happy_basket_blanket_spring_grass_field_trees_country_walk_picSpring is here! For those of you living in regions where spring actually means warmer temperatures, here are some fantastic dishes and dips you can take with you on your first spring picnic outing!

Asparagus and Potato Salad

This is not your usual run-of-the-mill potato salad, but that’s why I like it! This asparagus potato salad by Oh She Glows takes a vegetable you wouldn’t normally find in a potato salad and really makes it a star in this dish. You’ll want to make this before heading out to your picnic, or heat before leaving so that it can be served warm.

Picnic Caviar

Is potato salad not your thing? If beans are more your thing, then perhaps this dish will get your taste buds rejoicing with excitement! This recipe is for the bean lovers. I’ve made Picnic Caviar from Vegetarian Times countless times, and just love the flavors. Not only is this dish great for picnics, but also fabulous to have on hand in the fridge for that quick lunch or snack. Packed full of protein, fiber, and nutrients, it’s guaranteed to keep you satiated for a while.

Cold Soba Noodles with White Miso Dressing

Who says you can’t have soba noodles at a picnic? For the soul who likes to go against the grain of typical picnic options, give this fresh and clean dish by May I Have That Recipe a whirl. It’s a perfect blend of your carbs and protein while low on the fat so you won’t feel so sleepy after stuffing yourself. Don’t forget to have floss or a toothpick on hand in case you get a black sesame seed in your tooth J

Pickled Grapes Quinoa Salad

family_couple_kids_beach_rocks_picnic_wet_cool_fun_windy_lunch_blankets_basket_picThis is a delicious recipe by FMITK that’s wonderful for picnics. The variety of textures you experience is truly a delightful experience. It requires no heating and does not need to be refrigerated. You just need to give yourself enough time to prepare the pickled grapes!

Warm Green Pea Salad with Avocado Mayo and Mint

Avocados are packed full of healthy fats and nutrients leaving you feeling full. This salad by Gourmandelle takes advantage of avocado’s creamy smooth texture to make a mayo dressing. It has a nice flavor combination that really satisfied my desire to taste something different and new. This is a salad you want to make right before you plan to leave so that it’s warm and the avocado in the salad doesn’t have too much time to brown. Bring chips or chopped veggies for dipping!

Confetti Rice Salad

I swear I get endorphins when I eat this rice salad from Vegetarian Times. I can never get enough of it during the warmer seasons. It bursts with flavor and packs nutrient punch! It’s fantastic either warm or cold and can be served by itself or with Vegetarian Times’ Orange Glazed Tofu for a more hearty meal.

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