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5 Plant-Based Staples for Your Diet

pomegranate_seeds_red_juicy_bowl_picYou don’t have to be a yogi or distance runner to give a vegetarian diet a try or to simply add more plant-based nutrition to your diet. A plant-based diet is an excellent way to honor your body by promoting heart health and weight loss while warding off diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Eating all or mostly veggie can be cost-effective, sustainable, and as earth friendly as it is body friendly. Stay healthy and lean year-round by following these five plant-based staples.

1. Sunwarrior Protein

Sunwarrior protein is a clean, plant-based option free of GMOs and other ingredients that can hinder the absorption of amino acids into your system. While lean protein is necessary for building and maintaining lean muscle mass, not all available options at the market today can offer the quality that Sunwarrior does. Supplementing your post workout shakes and meal replacements with Sunwarrior offers an easily absorbed plant-based protein option to give your system the boost it needs to build muscle.

2. Cruciferous Vegetables and Colorful Fruits

Fruits and vegetables offer an array of amino acids, antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients that allow your body to not only function, but thrive. Cruciferous vegetables are loaded with fiber that can help your gastrointestinal system stay on track. When your GI is working, your body is able to digest and absorb all the nutrients in the food you eat to help keep your belly flat. The nutrients and antioxidants in colorful fruits help your body build immunity against disease and decay. They are also a great addition to your Sunwarrior shake!

3. Healthy Fats

hHealthy fats give your brain the energy to perform and the glow for perfectly healthy skin. This is especially true in a plant-based diet where animal fats are not present. Avocados, olive and coconut oils, and unsalted, raw nuts are the perfect additions to a plant-based diet because their unsaturated, healthy dietary fats and fatty acids can actually promote healthy cholesterol levels and help burn fat.

4. Herbs & Spices

Not only has the earth given us an array of options to make our plant-based food taste phenomenal, but many herbs and spices are packed with superfood nutrients! Take two spice cabinet staples for example: cinnamon can improve blood glucose levels and increase insulin resistance, and cayenne is loaded with capsaicin that raises your body's internal temperature and helps to speed up your metabolism.

5. Herbal Tea

While we’re on the subject of herbs, herbal teas like dandelion root and milk thistle can help detoxify your body, lower inflammation, and water retention, while green tea can help burn fat, increase energy, and so much more! Herbal teas are a great, guilt-free option when water just doesn’t do it for you or if you’re trying to wean off of coffee. There are so many options and varieties, including iced or hot, that boredom is never a problem!

grocery_store_list_fruits_veggies_healthy_food_picWhatever your reason to add more plant-based nutrition into your diet, remember the impact these five simple staples have. Use Sunwarrior protein for strong, lean muscles, and colorful fruits and leafy vegetables for powerful nutrients and antioxidants. Incorporate healthy fats into your meals for body and brain function, add spices for a superfood blast of flavor and nutrients, and enjoy herbal teas for a refreshing body-boost to help you illuminate body, mind, and spirit!

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