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31 Days of Holiday Fitness

The holidays are here! And with them comes the routine of family friends, and food. Improve that routine with something extra in the best way possible. Exercise! We give you the 31 day of holiday fitness!

Each year seems to go by faster and faster. I can’t believe November is over and December is here already! The last month of 2016! 2017 is literally right around the corner. I have come up with a Holiday Fitness challenge! There are 31 days for this challenge, each day complete each exercise, and check it off! I have also put together a December calendar at the end of this article, that you can easily print off and stick on your fridge or mirror for motivation. Let’s finish December off with a bang!

If this challenge scares you, that’s good! It’s important to get outside of your comfort zone every once in a while. If you can’t complete all 40 push-ups or 20 pull-ups at once, then divide them into a few sets. At the end of the day, the goal is to meet that challenge! For those days that you feel too tired or too busy, just remember it is only ONE exercise to complete, it will literally take less than 5 minutes each day to complete. Grab a friend or family member and do it with them, accountability can make a huge difference with exercise, and it is more fun! Let’s do this!

  1. 50 Squat Jumps
  2. 40 Push-ups
  3. 2 minute Front Plank
  4. 60 Bicep Curls
  5. 100 Crunches
  6. 100 Jumping Jacks
  7. 150 Crunches
  8. 3 minute Jump Rope
  9. 40 Shoulder Press
  10. 70 Lunge Jumps (total)
  11. 3 minute Wall Sit
  12. 70 Bent Over Row
  13. 200 Stairs
  14. 200 Crunches
  15. 20 Pull-ups
  16. 3 minute Front Plank
  17. 50 Side Lunges (total)
  18. 30 Side Plank Leg Lift (each side)
  19. 60 Calf Raises
  20. 60 Dips
  21. 100 Lunges (total)
  22. 75 Burpees
  23. 25 Pull-ups
  24. 250 Crunches
  25. 100 Squats
  26. 60 Push-ups
  27. 250 Stairs
  28. 150 Walking Lunges (total)
  29. 75 Dips
  30. 2 minutes Mountain Climbers
  31. LAST DAY BONUS: Go for 1-hour walk or run

This Holiday Fitness month challenge will set you right up into the New Year and ready for those New Year Resolutions!

Who’s doing this? Enjoy your last days of 2016.

December 2016: 31 Days of Holiday Fitness


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50 Squat Jumps



40 Push-ups


2 minute Front Plank


60 Bicep Curls


100 Crunches



100 Jumping Jacks


150 Crunches


3 minute Jump Rope


40 Shoulder Press


70 Lunge Jumps (total)



3 minute Wall Sit


70 Bent Over Row


200 Stairs


200 Crunches


20 Pull-ups


 3 minute Front Plank




50 Side Lunges (total)


30 Side Plank Leg Lift (each side)



60 Calf Raises


60 Dips


100 Lunges (total)


75 Burpees


25 Pull-ups


250 Crunches


100 Squats



60 Push-ups


250 Stairs


150 Walking Lunges (total)


75 Dips


2 minutes Mountain Climbers


LAST DAY BONUS: Go for 1-hour walk or run

To save a few minutes in the morning to make room for exercise by getting breakfast out of the way the night before!

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