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25 Unlikely Guy Stuff for Healthy Men (Especially Dads)

Get with the bro-gram! Get manly. Get healthy. Here is the article of all things guy that allows you to be both (manly and healthy).

Men aren’t always the first ones to think of their health and mindfulness, but both can be super manly. Just think of these activities as tools and your body/mind as the lawnmower/car in need of some attention. You’ll be fine.


Sweat is definitely manly, but it means you are burning through your water supplies. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water. Mix it up with lemon or try tea.


Many of us men overwork and undersleep as we strive to provide for ourselves and our families. But you are increasing your risks of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes while aging yourself with every extra hour you work and every hour of sleep you skip. Get your eight plus hours.


Apart from getting enough sleep, naps can be a healthy way to recharge on weekends. You are more productive if you can learn the art of a power nap, taking just 20 to 30 minutes to boost your alertness and mental clarity. Manly naps may or may not include snoring.


You don’t have to become a monk or sit on mountaintops to gain some major benefits from meditation. Take 10 to 20 minutes to focus on your breathing. This reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, aids cardiovascular function, and can have some big effects on your relationships with spouses, kids, and even coworkers as you let go of stress.


Yoga has been seen as a women’s activity for far too long. Men can benefit from improves flexibility, balance, and inner peace too. Many male athletes are turning to yoga to improve their coordination on the field or court.

Give Time

Giving some of your quality time to your spouse, kids, friends, and family has some health benefits for all involved, including improved heart functions, healthier relationships, improved mood, and less stress, even if it means pushing aside major deadlines at work to do so. Take a moment to remember that all you do is so you can enjoy life and the wonderful relationships in it.


Golf, soccer, basketball, or whatever sport gets you out and moving is a worthwhile addition to your life. There are adult leagues, coworker groups, your kids, and plenty of other ways to find your favorite sport and people to play along. Activity improves your heart and releases more testosterone. What could be manlier?


Some of the most successful, powerful, and accomplished men in history have been well-read. Don’t read what you think you should be reading, but what you enjoy. Be it self-help, financial management, biographies, fiction, or even romance. Every book you devour will improve your vocabulary, wit, wisdom, and make you one well-rounded man.

Learn Guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument has some huge effects on the brain, improving function, elasticity, and holding off the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Guitar just happens to be the typical manly one to reach for, but you can pick up any instrument and see benefits. It’s just a tiny bit sexier serenading your love with a guitar than with a clarinet (sorry clarinet players out there).


Ask just about any female if a man who can dance is sexy, and you will get the same answer. It’s a vestige of evolution that too few men take advantage of. Men who know how to boogie on the dance floor may or may not find themselves more attractive, but they do get extra cardio, which never hurts.


Men are naturally doers over talkers. That’s a stereotype, but it seems to fit more than not. We like to get our hands dirty. When we hang with friends, it’s building something, working on something, or crushing the digital enemy in a video game. Learning a craft is a good way to feel like you accomplish something, which helps with stress, especially if you have a job where you push bits of information around and have nothing physical to demonstrate all your hard work at the end of the day. Try woodworking, refinishing, welding, home renovations, and anything else that improves your life in an uplifting way.


You get to learn a craft, create food, save money, get your hands dirty, and work up a sweat all at the same time. There is also nothing like food you’ve grown yourself. It tastes better and is often better for you as you avoid pesticides, pollutants, and plastics.


Camping has always been considered a manly art. It can also be very good for you. Being in nature lowers stress levels and blood pressure. Bring your family. Make it fun, and don’t overthink it or you quickly lose the benefits.


Hiking puts you in nature and gives you the same lowered stress effects of camping but also adds to these the benefits of cardio. Do it already.


This activity is much like hiking mixed with the treasure seeking you loved as a kid. You never know what you will find, and it’s fun to think of things to leave behind for the next guy or girl.


I’m not just talking about grilling. Cooking is a healthy activity that teaches men more about food, flavor, and life. It saves you money and can bring your family together as kids sit around to watch and participate, and spouses are happy to have someone share the task.

Learn a Language

Like reading and learning a musical instrument, another language has some powerful effects on the brain. It is also impressive when you can pull out a language during a vacation with ease.


There are some very interesting races available to men nowadays. Spartans, ninja courses, and other obstacle course races push you to your limits. It is manly in every way. Just know that you will also see some amazing women tackle these races, too. And many will beat you, which is awesome!

Martial Arts

Train your mind and body to obey your direction and will while improving your dexterity, balance, speed, and physical/mental health. It’s also cool at parties to say you know a martial art.

Strength Train

You’d expect this one to be on a list of manly hobbies or activities, but it bears repeating. Strength training improves muscle mass, testosterone levels, stress, and so much more. Don’t skip leg day!


Taking care of your gut bacteria may not sound super manly, but the health of your microbiome can affect digestion, sleep, weight, mood, and much more. Scientists link these little guys to new things every day. There is also the benefit of less gas, which may improve relationships. Take a good probiotic, and make sure you get plenty of fiber and water in your diet.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is doing intervals of low and high-intensity exercise. It burns more calories, trains your quick twitch muscles, and does wonders for stress, waistlines, and hearts.


Sex is a HIIT exercise in and of itself, but it also releases beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters that reduce pain, improve heart function, relieve stress, boost immunity, and aid sleep. The intimacy and oxytocin of sex improve relationships. It is also fun.

Go Green

Most men aren’t getting enough vegetables. A green supplement may help, but nothing is better than eating more of the greens you’ve been avoiding since childhood. Real men aren’t afraid of a salad or a little broccoli.


I’m not talking steaks all the time here, guys. We need quality, lean protein to help us stay healthy, fit, and functioning at our best. Good protein also helps prevent weight gain. You don’t have to go plant-based, but know that plant proteins tend to be gentler on digestion and the body. If you choose to eat plant-based proteins, you will feel better. Sunwarrior has some great options for you! Give one of them a try.

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