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15 Ways To Make It A Healthier Halloween


It’s right around the corner: that fun day filled with costumes and, of course, tons of candy. If your kids enjoy the trick or treat tradition, but you don’t want them in a perpetual sugar high for the next month, try following these tips to make it a healthier Halloween for your family:

  1. Get them into the spirit of Halloween with games, pumpkin carving, movies, and fall-themed crafts instead of handing over the candy corn.
  2. Make sure your kids eat something healthy before going out to trick or treat. This will reduce their tendency to binge.
  3. Be sure to provide the right sized collection bag for your child. No pillow cases!
  4. Encourage your children to take only one piece of candy at each house. This will teach them moderation and keep the candy count under control.
  5. boy_mom_pumpkin_patch_fall_autumn_picDo not take the Halloween candy that you bought out for the trick-or-treaters out until the 31st. This will prevent your family from being tempted to snack on it prematurely.
  6. Offer healthier candy options at your house, sans corn syrup and artificial ingredients. Lollipops are a good alternative to other candies, since they take a long time to eat.
  7. Offer some non-edible treats as well, or instead, such as spider rings, stickers, temporary tattoos, bubbles, erasers, etc.
  8. Hide the candy after Halloween. Out of sight = out of mind. This will also keep yourself from noshing on it while your kid is in school.
  9. Since you know that your children are going to be consuming more sugar than usual, cut down on other sources of sugar in the days leading up to Halloween. Avoid feeding them the breakfast cereals, puddings, yogurts, and cookies.Instead of driving them to trick or treat, try walking from house to house for exercise.
  10. Try portioning the leftovers out into 100 calorie sandwich bags. After the initial consumption, allow only up to three pieces of candy per day starting with lunch at school, as an afternoon snack, and after dinner.
  11. Buy your least favorite healthy candy alternative to hand out to the trick or treaters, so that you do not wind up eating it yourself.
  12. If they come home with a ridiculous amount of candy, work out a deal to buy some of it from them or trade for some of their favorite healthier options.
  13. pumpkins_soup_spoon_vegan_vegetarian_picBe sure that they brush their teeth. Do not let them keep candy stashes in their rooms.
  14. Get creative! If you are hosting a party, incorporate healthy food such as decorating rice cakes or apples into fun Halloween shapes like a jack-o-lantern or ghost instead of cookies. Incorporate nutritious orange foods such as carrots or baked sweet potato fries. Guacamole makes for a great “slime.”

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