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12 Snack-Tacular Ways to Get Your Protein on the Go

Stay out of the danger zone that comes with too much to do and not enough time to eat! Know how to get your protein on the go!

We’re all super busy. It’s a part of modern life, the rushing to and from jobs, gyms, appointments, family events, and other responsibilities. We even schedule our fun, jotting down our rendezvous with Netflix or the trails in our smartphones! This doesn’t always leave us with the time to eat well, especially if we lean toward a plant-based diet where the prep time can hit the extreme edges of possibility.

But we have some quick and easy snacks to help you get the protein you may be missing. So go ahead and rush out the door with something healthy in hand. Just don’t forget to enjoy them.

Nut Butter

It doesn’t get much easier than nut butter. Make your own quick version of PB&J, dip some carrots and celery, smear some across some sensible crackers, and enjoy.


You can make your own during the weekend to have at the ready throughout the week or pick some up at your health food or grocery store. Hummus can be spiced up with black beans, pesto, roasted garlic, peppers, and more, so you won’t ever get bored or sick of it.


Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are easy to snack on anywhere. They keep for a very long time, go great over salads, and they can be seasoned just how you like them.

Trail Mix

Take your seeds to the next level by combining them with dried fruit, protein-rich nuts, and even the antioxidants of some good dark chocolate. You can make them more interesting with some savory hits like ginger, cayenne, sea salt, and curry.


Shaker bottles and blenders make eating a healthy snack easy and quick. Toss a good quality protein powder (you may know of one – hint hint) in with some healthy greens and whole fruits for a fast energy boost. You can up the protein even more with nuts and seeds.


Granola can be healthy if you choose wisely while browsing the shelves. You can also make your own when you do have the time and have it at the ready. Fill it with healthy protein sources, like nuts, seeds, oats, and quinoa.


There are plenty of non-dairy yogurts out there just waiting for you to discover them. Made from coconut and almond, these creamy snacks are healthy and delicious. Sprinkle them with your granola, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, and more to make them more filling and nutritious.

Chia Pudding

This is one you’ll have to make yourself, but it literally takes just a couple minutes to stir the ingredients together and throw them in the fridge to chill. Put them in a jar, and they will be ready to travel when you want one. We have recipes all over Health Hub for them!


Probably the easiest way to add protein yet, protein bars are convenient, portable, and nearly indestructible, even with your insane schedule and bouncing around the bottom of your gym bag, glove compartment, or purse. Guess what? Sunwarrior has bars now! Guess what else? {uzv71612}

They’re as delicious as they seem. Pick one up today!

Roasted Chickpeas

This is another recipe you can make yourself when you have a moment, but you can also often find them premade at health food stores. This savory treat is easy to munch on and hard to put down. There are hundreds of recipes and flavors to choose from.


Protein powder, nut butter, and your favorite ingredients, all rolled (literally) into one bite-sized package. These take minutes to make. If you’re in a rush, you can even stir the ingredients into a jar and eat it with a spoon.

Nut Milks

Soy milk has been replaced with quite the variety of nut milks, from coconut to hempseed to quinoa and beyond. These can be slammed down while on the run for quick protein and nutrients.

How are you getting your protein while out and about?

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