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The Active Dad Bundle  Sunwarrior
The Active Dad Bundle  Sunwarrior
The Active Dad Bundle  Sunwarrior
The Active Dad Bundle  Sunwarrior

The Active Dad Bundle

Save $25 - A Powerhouse Trio for Active Dads
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Active Protein BUNDLE Bundle Sunwarrior

Active Protein BUNDLE

Build Muscle • BCAA Recovery • Mineral Optimization

20 Servings

Active Creatine BUNDLE Bundle Sunwarrior 50 Servings

Active Creatine BUNDLE

Promote Strength & Cognition

50 Servings

Active Hydration BUNDLE Bundle Sunwarrior

Active Hydration BUNDLE

Hydration, Immunity, Energy

30 Servings

Out of stock
The Active Dad Bundle
The Active Dad Bundle
Soy Free
The Active Dad Bundle
Dairy Free

If you’re trying to think outside the box for your Father’s Day gift, maybe think inside the bundle instead. Dad’s gifts can get predictable: new supplies for his grill, new socks for his drawer, new ties for his tie rack. But this Father’s Day, you can surprise your active dad with a gift he both needs and wants.
The Active Dad Bundle is designed to elevate every aspect of the fitness journey and adventures in fatherhood. Crafted with the needs of modern dads, This bundle includes three vital elements of a dad’s health needs:

Active Protein — Build, recover, and optimize! Your body’s performance depends on the fuel you feed it. Our clean protein supplement builds and repairs lean muscle while replenishing vital minerals. Fusing the art of flavor and the science of performance, Active Protein is where high energy and high quality meet to accomplish the incredible. Whether you're hitting the gym, recovering from an intense workout, or increasing your protein intake, our vegan protein supplement is designed to help you reach new heights of strength and vitality through a healthy diet. 

Active Creatine — Our quality Active Creatine is everything you need to boost your focus, build your muscles, and increase your energy. Grow your muscles. Grow your strength. 

Active Hydration — We’ve unlocked the correct ratio that delivers the essentials of hydration, immune support, and energy to help you rehydrate faster so you can soak up every drop of life. 

With our Active Line bundle, there are no limits to what can be achieved. Whether you're scoring goals on the field or making memories with your family, make every moment count with the support of our premium performance-enhancing products. This is the perfect gift for dads who like to lift! 

How to Use

Use as instructed on each individual package. The products in this bundle are designed to work synergistically with one another.

Bundle Contents

• Active Protein 20 Servings (any flavor)
• Active Creatine
• Active Hydration Powder


Build your muscles with 30g Active Protein, power your workout and recover and repair muscles with Active Creatine, and stay hydrated with Active Hydration

We Want you to Ask!


What makes this bundle great for Active Dad's ?

Sunwarrior's Active Dad Bundle provides your muscles with the protein, creatine, and hydration in order to power not just your workout, but your entire day while providing what you need to recover.

What is included in the Sunwarrior Active Dad Bundle?

The Active Dad Bundle includes three products: Active Protein, Active Creatine, and Active Hydration. These products are designed to support fitness and overall health, making them an ideal gift for active dads.

Is the Active Dad Bundle suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, the Active Dad Bundle is suitable for all fitness levels, from dad-bod beginners to rad-bod advanced athletes. It provides essential nutrients and support for anyone looking to maintain or improve their fitness and overall health.

Are the products in Sunwarrior's Active Dad Bundle clean?

Sunwarrior’s top priority is providing the cleanest, highest-quality ingredients in our products. We take your lifestyle seriously with no synthetics, no fillers, and absolutely no animal products. We utilize an ISO-Certified, third-party lab to conduct all our heavy metals and micros testing.

How often should I use the products in the Active Dad Bundle?

Active Protein: Use daily, either post-workout or as a meal supplement. Active Creatine: Use daily, preferably around your workout times. Active Hydration: Use as needed, especially before, during, or after physical activity to stay hydrated.

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