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Brain Health Bundle - Save 20%

brain bundle

Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the gut". Today, we know that to be true as brain fog, fatigue, memory and digestive issues are all directly correlated to leaky gut syndrome—a condition in which bacteria permeates the lining of the small intestine and enters the bloodstream.

The Brain Health Bundle improves memory and brain function by strengthening the lining of the gut with a fortified formula of plant-based extracts and (the good kind of) microscopic organisms.

  • COLLAGEN BUILDING PROTEIN PEPTIDES - Boost your production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that gives tissue its elasticity, while strengthening your gut lining in the process.
  • VITAMIN MINERAL RUSH - Instead of taking an over-the-counter vitamin in pill form, try Vitamin Mineral Rush. It’s like expedited shipping for vitamin absorption. This powerful blend relies on fulvic acid to deliver a combination of B-vitamins and minerals that increase cellular metabolism, heal injuries and illness, and help you feel your best.
  • OMEGA-3 - Algae-derived DHA & EPA give your brain the essential fatty acids it needs to improve memory and brain function.
  • PROBIOTICS - A leaky gut is usually riddled with bad bacteria, causing intestinal upset and other symptoms. Replace the bad guys with good bacteria to improve digestion and enhance mental clarity.
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