Yellow Basmati Coconut Rice Pilaf

Since not all rice is created equal, it stands to reason not all rice dishes are created equal. Here is a Yellow Basmati Coconut Rice Pilaf that is definitely superior to the others. Try it and see!

When it comes to rice, one is not the same as the other. White rice is highly refined and processed, which often strips many nutritional qualities away including the side hull and bran, both of which are rich in proteins, fiber, magnesium, thiamine, zinc, and calcium. While to some, white rice may look more appealing than brown, before the refining process it looks just like brown rice.

Choosing brown rice will ensure you receive all the wonderful things the rice world has to offer. Selenium and manganese are two of these benefits. Selenium aides in reducing the risk of some cancers, arthritis, and heart problems while manganese helps our body to produce good fats and helps out our reproductive and nervous systems. 80% of our daily manganese requirement can be found in just one cup of brown rice! High in fiber and rich in anti-oxidants, this whole grain rice is also easier to digest, which keeps your bowels functioning smoothly. Diabetics would find this a great choice as it helps to stabilize blood-sugar levels. In comparison, refined white rice breaks down into glucose much slower and has earned itself a higher rank on the glycemic index.

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