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Why Those with Diabetes Desperately Need Fat

Diabetes is a serious matter, but did you know type II diabetes is preventable and curable? Let us show you how.

Sugar. Processed carbohydrates. Chemicals. Poor nourishment. These things are commonplace in many American diets. In today’s modern world, we are bombarded with food and products that are highly processed, low in actual nutrition, and high in sugar, starches, and even synthetic chemicals. Eat like this for too long, and many people begin to experience blood sugar problems that often lead to (Type II) diabetes.

Type II diabetes is largely a preventable and curable disease. Yes, that’s correct, curable. Interestingly, patients and doctors are finding that when clients increase their intake of healthy fats, their need for their blood sugar lower medications (such as insulin or Metformin) is decreased. While healthy fat is essential for everyone, those with diabetes are especially benefited. Sadly, this is not well understood or taught to those with this condition.

Typically, those with diabetes are taught to eat enough carbohydrates to control the blood sugar. This can be the very situation leading to their continued blood sugar problem, as carbohydrates (especially processed and refined) and sugar cause a blood sugar spike. Fat does not cause this blood sugar spike. When the blood sugar spikes, the pancreas is put under stress to secrete the hormone insulin to take care of the excess sugar in the bloodstream.

If high blood sugar is a common occurrence and the pancreas continually is having to secrete insulin, the cells of the body begin to resist (or become desensitized to) the insulin and do not allow the sugar to enter the cell. The result is what we call diabetes. So, the goal then should not be to increase the production of insulin, but to decrease it, allowing your pancreas to have a break and decrease the need for the medication.

Eating less of what causes this damage (processed carbohydrate and sugars) and more of what doesn’t (healthy fats and proteins) can help you balance out and maintain or regain a healthy functioning system. So, if you or someone you know is dealing with diabetes, the best approach is a diet high in healthy fats (grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, raw nuts and seeds) with moderate amounts of quality plant-based protein, and high nutrient density from (organic) vegetables and whole foods.

Top Reasons Diabetics Really Need Healthy Fat:

Healthy Fat is Satiating

When sufficient healthy fats are consumed, it helps us feel fuller for longer and helps us feel more satisfied with what we ate. This helps prevent us from overeating and from getting hungry too quickly. As a general rule, the more fat you eat, the fewer carbs you’ll crave, and the fewer carbs you eat, the more of a break your pancreas will get.

Healthy Fat Aids Nutrient Absorption

There are certain nutrients in particular that require fat in order to be absorbed into the body, specifically the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Without sufficient fat these nutrients are essentially flushed right out of the body without being absorbed and utilized.

Healthy Fat Buffers Carbohydrates

When we eat fat with carbohydrates it helps slow the absorption process of the carbs into the bloodstream, helping to prevent the insulin spike.

Healthy Fat Boosts Brain Function

A large percentage of the brain is made up of fat, and if we are deficient in fat, then brain functioning is decreased. Additionally, the myelin sheath that covers the nerves is made up of fat. So without sufficient fat, the myelin sheath that conducts and transmits nerve impulses is negatively affected.

Healthy Fat is Needed for Hormone Production

Fatty acids provide the chemical structure of many hormones. Without enough healthy fats, our hormones will be out of balance, leading to an array of problems.

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