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Bottled Water

Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water, however only about 3-4% of it is fresh water, with much of that locked up in glaciers and snow pack. It is a fact that access to healthy, clean water is an increasingly difficult problem in much of the world. Feuds and wars have been waged over access to water to drink and take care of crops. Up to half of hospitalizations and even deaths are attributable to water borne diseases.

Bottled water is trendy, and convenient, but it is also expensive and largely unregulated. Analysis has demonstrated that many brands, in spite of their catchy name and appealing packaging, are as contaminated as regular tap water and may have additional chemicals that have leeched from the plastic container. I have been in a number of social gatherings where I was the only one not holding a plastic bottle of water of some sort. I can’t remember exactly when this phenomenon took over, but now drinking fountains with their cool, free drink seem to be headed for extinction like pay phones and the dinosaur.

Of course, part of the sales pitch for bottled water is that it’s a good source for essential minerals. We all know that minerals are nutritional imperatives for the health and well being of all living things. The minerals that are in drinking water are dissolved inorganic solids from rocks and dirt and a plethora of other contaminants. They precipitate out in the body, potentially forming kidney and gall bladder stones and depositing in the joints. Much of the water we drink is actually a cocktail of ingredients, and there is no filtration technique that can differentiate them—taking out the bad and leaving only the good parts.

There’s much evidence out there that our drinking water should be just that, water. You know, pure H2O to hydrate our tissues and flush out impurities and toxins. Paul Bragg, PhD, claims that steam generated distilled water is the best. If that’s not available then reverse osmosis or a high quality multi-stage filter will do. The minerals that the body needs and can assimilate are organic and ideally come from our food. Can you think of a better reason to make sure your diet is nutrient rich? If your meals are less than ideal, a high quality food based supplement may be necessary. Why not keep it simple and natural by drinking the purest water and consuming easy to digest and easy to assimilate Sunwarrior superfoods?

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