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Vegan Mexican Meat-less Balls: 5 Ways to Dinner

Dinner comes every day, and new ideas for how to shake it up while keeping it healthy and great tasting are hard to come by. So here are 5 ways to dinner with vegan meat-less balls!

Super easy, healthy, and delicious! These little Mexican no-meatballs are such an amazing and versatile food you can make for any given occasion, and I promise they will taste great with anything!

They will be perfect for a packed lunch, a romantic dinner for two, or a party for your 20 friends! They’re easy to make, quick, inexpensive, delicious, and super nutritious! But most importantly, they are versatile, allowing you to reimagine dinner:

  • As wraps
  • As burgers or bagel bites
  • As salad toppings
  • As skewers
  • As classic meatballs served with side dishes.

But let’s start with the basic super balls recipe. For 20 balls you will need:

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