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Vegan Makeup with Marzia Prince

Marzia Prince health and fitness expert is here to share with you her exclusive healthinista secrets to fashion, beauty, health, fitness, and more.

marzia_prince_vegan_makeup_healthy_skin_picThis week she’s filling you in on her favorite eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan makeup. It’s not Sunwarrior protein if you were wondering. We don’t recommend you use Classic Plus as any type of makeup.

Marzia loves Jane Iredale mineral powder. This makeup isn’t thick and clogging like many others. It also manages to be a concealer, foundation, powder, and sunscreen all in one. Use a soft brush to roll it around and a little vegan_makeup_picblotter to touch up any trouble areas, then set it in place with Jane Iredale setting spray. That’s it. It stays light, airy, and refreshing with full coverage and it can stand up to 40 minutes in water, so you look good anywhere and anytime, come rain, shine, beach parties, photoshoots, or anything else the world throws your way.

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