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Vegan Apple Pear Cream

Apples and pears warmed up in a delightful nut cream is a snack that allows you to use that overripe fruit in the best, tastiest way possible!

This recipe was inspired by my mother who always knew what to do with food so that it would not go to waste. Whenever apples or pears were close to over ripening, she would bake apples and can pears so that we could enjoy them anytime.

If you happen to have apples and pears sitting around and you don’t know what to do with them, consider tossing them in a pan and baking them. As much as I love biting into apples and pears raw, I do occasionally enjoy them warm out of the oven around the cooler months. There is nothing like the smell of these fruits baking in the oven especially when cinnamon and nutmeg has been added to the mix. The delicious aroma in the kitchen can linger for hours. You can bet on hearing someone in the house saying, “Mm-mm that smells so good!”

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