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There’s a Tea for That! How to Use Tea to Stay Healthy Through the Winter

Whatever ailment you’ve got, there is a tea to help make things better! Believe it or not, just like there’s “an app for that,” there’s actually a “tea for that,” too!

Ok, maybe there’s not a tea for giving you great directions or calling you a cab or telling you what other movies that actor was in, but there are teas for many ailments you might encounter, especially throughout the winter. This is exactly why, just like I carry around my phone everywhere I go to use its helpful apps, I truthfully carry tea bags with me wherever I go so that I can use their help, too.

When the “That” = You’re Low on Energy

Green tea or yerba mate are your best friends when you need an energizing boost. Yerba mate, in particular, is wonderful because it won’t make you jittery and is high in metabolism-boosting nutrients and antioxidants. (And it was actually nicknamed “the drink of the gods” by indigenous South Americans, so I mean, why wouldn’t you want it?)

When the “That” = You Can’t Fall Asleep

When you can’t fall asleep, there’s nothing like chamomile (and a boring book) to save you. Chamomile has mild sedative effects which could help knock you out, and it has some magnesium in it which could help you sleep more soundly through the night. Plus, it just smells soothing! (And that soothing smell has actually been said to have sedating effects, too.)

When the “That” = You Feel Bloated

When bloat is your woe, drink some dandelion tea! It’s actually a liver cleanser; it can help the liver function at a higher capacity as well as encourage the production of bile, which can help regulate our digestive system (aka get stuff out the other end). Dandelion tea is also known as being a natural diuretic which makes it the perfect tea to relieve bloating and water retention.

When the “That” = Your Digestion Needs a Leg Up

Ginger. Ginger is the goddess tea of good digestion. It’s one of the best digestive aids out there and can effectively calm down a regular upset stomach or go as far as to curb nausea, too. In India, ginger is known as the “universal medicine,” so you know it’s done something right! In addition to helping alleviate gas and bloating, helping us “go” and soothing upset stomachs, ginger’s also great at helping our bodies internally heat up (past the “oh I’m drinking hot tea” effect) which is an added plus in the cold winter.

When the “That” = You’re Stressed or Cranky

Lemon balm tea is super for lifting your spirits! And when you’re drinking it, make sure you stop and smell the tea leaves because it’s actually been used for centuries in aromatherapy. It’s said that the sweet aroma of the lemon balm oil can encourage the feeling of relaxation and calm.

When the “That” = You Gotta, Um, Eliminate Some Stuff

Senna leaf tea is your jam when you’re a little, uh, jammed up. Senna leaf stimulates intestinal contracts (helping wake up your colon to get things moving), and it helps increase fluids and electrolytes IN the cold which can help loose stools. (This is all fancy ways of saying it’s a natural laxative.) You can find some senna leaf teas on their own but there are also many blends of teas on the market featuring senna that can help you go.

When the “That” = You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Hot lemon water! I’m not talking about lemon tea bags this time; I’m talking about squeezing fresh lemon juice into hot water and drinking it up. High in vitamin C which is great for fighting colds, lemon water has been proven to be a superstar for our immunity. It also can help us balance our pH (aka alkalize our bodies) and disease thrives in acidic bodies so you’ll wanna balance that out ASAP.

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