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The Elements that Sustain Life

Do you get the needed minerals in your diet? Discover more about minerals, the needs we have for them, and the ways we are deficient. After all, knowing is half the battle.

The basic infrastructure to the human frame is predicated on a wide spectrum of biologically active minerals. The geology of the earth is built out of the same elements that build our bodies, secure our skeletal structure, conduct nerve transmissions, insulate our inner-tubing system, digest our food, initiate hormone secretions, and allow us to respire oxygen. This is why the principle of eating a vast assortment of raw plant foods is advised because each plant mines out a different assortment of minerals into its leaves, flowers, seeds, cellulose fibers, and root system.

Due to the degradation of our topsoil via environmental travesties such as industrial factory farming, fracking, genetically modified organisms, chemical warfare, and 10,000 years of agriculture the mineral content in our staple foods barely meets our needs for basic health. The standard American diet is composed of three dominant minerals: N+P+K (nitrogen-potassium-phosphorus). There are over ninety known minerals that represent the building blocks of life and, without them, robust, vibrant long term health cannot be achieved.

The basis of all life on the planet can be distilled into mineralogy and the appropriate distribution of key minerals that serve specific functions of the life cycle. The wider spectrum of minerals present in the soil, the more vitamins, polysaccharides, enzymes, friendly bacteria, and other life supporting catalysts are present in the food. Due to conventional farming practices you cannot guarantee you will receive all that is required in basic plant foods alone. This is why the super food and tonic herb combination is a corner stone of the inner alchemy program. These plants accumulate and concentrate a greater degree and diversity of minerals than more common foods. Excessively hybridized fruits (seedless) and vegetables that have had their medicinal properties bred out require far less minerals to survive in a controlled environment (mono-crop farming) therefore their roots do not suction up the mineral diversity that is below the earth surface. The general world eats, at most, the same 10–15 foods throughout their entire life. This list includes factory farmed cows dairy, beef, chicken, egg, fish, conventionally grown wheat, soy, corn, banana, rice, potato, sugar, coffee, and coconut.

There is a direct connection between a mineral deficient diet and decrease in neurological health. It has been estimated that one fourth of the western population suffers from a mental imbalance. In order for us to be at our best, feel our best, and make better decisions we must eat a diet rich in all available minerals. Minerals act like tuning forks for human consciousness. When we are properly mineralized, we are properly in-tune. When we are functioning out of tune this is typically due to a combination of nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. The best way to fill in the nutritional gaps and displace toxin accumulation is terrain modification. This is where we simply add in the highest quality raw foods, super foods, herbs, water, natural supplements, and designer detox products. By virtue of natural harmony materials such as heavy metals, xenoestrogens, volatile organic compounds, and rancid oils will remove themselves with the inclusion of mineral rich plants. This happens through the process of diffusion (materials held in an area of larger concentration are moved to an area of lesser concentration) and chelation (magnetic binding and removal of positively charged “toxic” materials).

Each element in nature contains its own signature frequency (zeta potential). It is common in biology circles to assume that minerals are inert and non-living. This is a scientific mistake based on a worldwide theory represented by Mendeleev's periodic table of the elements. Ionic minerals are more accurately frequencies of light. The periodic table of the elements is a morgue. When minerals experience oxidation there is an alteration at the atomic level, thus presenting a misidentification upon spectroscopic signature analysis. When someone experiences a healing crisis upon detoxification, it is largely attributed to a depletion of minerals. This is often due to the residual deficiency over a lifetime of improper diet or the immediate drop off of minerals resulting from intense cleansing. When cleansing, it is highly recommended to include green super food powders, tonic herbs, high grade enzymes, zeolite powders, and sea salt. As we open the circulatory and eliminatory channels of the body, we begin to channel more light frequencies within the body. If we are demineralized, we will experience light headedness, flightiness, irritability, and an overall feeling of being ungrounded. In the Ayurvedic constitutional system, they refer to this as a “wind-imbalance”.

Minerals help our body channel, transmit, and express our photon (light) potential. This allows us to keep our head in the clouds (dreaming) and our feet on the ground (integrated).

Learn the symptoms and side effects of mineral deficiency!

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