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The Blessing and Curse of the Evening Workout

Evening workouts can be a blessing or a curse and a little of both. Check the pros and cons to see if an evening workout is what’s best for you!

We all want to be fit, toned, and to look and feel our best. Most of us skip morning workouts believing we will catch up in the evening. But the evening workout has its own pitfalls as well as its own advantages. Check out our list of the good and bad of evening workout regime.


More sleep

Yes! Working out in the evening means you have a more relaxed morning. You are not rushing to find your workout clothes, run to the gym and then left feeling exhausted before you reach work. You can relax, focus on your to-do list for the day and get going.

More Energy

Some of us may overdo our morning workouts, which will leave us exhausted and worn down for the entire day. Saving your energy and taking a break before an evening workout would give you a wholesome strong workout .You will have more motivation, energy and strength to power through your workout, and your muscles would be warm and agile as well.

Bolster Confidence

It’s that night, when you have a date or meeting a group of friends. Sometimes after a long day all you need is that extra boost of confidence. Working out before a social gathering has not just proven to be healthy, but it has proven to make one more social as it kicks in all those awesome endorphins.



Long day at work, stressed out with relationship issues, stuck in traffic . . . You name it! Even if you don’t make excuses, you may feel like the universe does not want you to work out. Rising early and striking it off your list of things to do will make you feel better throughout the day.

No social life

One of the biggest cons of being dedicated to an active lifestyle is that you may prioritize your workouts to social gatherings. Evening workouts means you have to skip dinners or do a short workout regime to meet appointments. Working out in the morning is a win-win situation. You get your fitness on and maintain a social life.

Zero Energy + No Sleep

You might be exhausted at the end of the day. But when you burn yourself more and suddenly feel all pumped up, you are not just being hard on your body, you are not allowing your mind and body to feel relaxed enough to be able to shut down properly for sleep. Your number of sleep hours could be cut down which could eventually take a toll. Know how your body reacts to such stimulus. Maybe it will help you sleep better. Only you know how it will affect your sleep.

Morning or evening workout, whichever you may pick. Remember it’s important to stay active. But stay active in a smart way that is healthiest for you and your lifestyle choices. Fitness is long term, so is this journey!

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