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Tempeh Salad Bowl

Get your salad on this summer with this tasty, refreshing, tempeh salad bowl filled with everything you want out of a meal!

Salads can be as creative as you want them to be. Throw in some farm fresh vegetables—which are perfect this time of year—and voila! Farmers markets are bursting with in-season vegetables and fruits. It’s the commencement of beautiful and local produce. These fruits and vegetables are flavorful and packed with more nutrients because they are grown locally. The lesser the amount of time the produce needs to travel to reach your dinner plate, the more nutrients will remain intact!

Salad bowls can be made from whatever is in season and sitting already in your fridge or pantry! This salad bowl is bursting with beautiful in-season golden beets, leeks, sprouts, and tempeh. Tempeh is a delicious substitution for meat. It’s bursting with nutrients and can take on any flavor when cooked.

Tempeh is fermented, which means it’s a probiotic food. Fermented foods can help treat stomach issues such as candida, and they are easy to digest because they help break down carbohydrates and sugar. Fermented foods can control bacteria in the body and help with indigestion. If you have never worked with tempeh before, it has a firm texture that can be sliced, crumbled, or cooked whole. Tempeh has grown in popularity in the vegan community due to its high protein content.

Top your salad with whichever dressing you like. I used a delicious herb-based dressing, which is packed with nutrients from all of the herbs used.

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