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Superset Triceps Exercises

For super-arm triceps, join Tim McComsey in the gym and get ready to develop some intense muscle!

Your Dietician and Fitness Trainer Tim McComsey is in the gym, focusing today on the triceps muscles. Follow along as Tim performs supersets for super arm size. A superset is performed with little to no rest between sets, and incorporates at least two different exercises. Supersets are fantastic for developing muscle, and allow you to increase the intensity of your workout by overloading the muscles.

Both exercises in this superset require a bit of exercise equipment, so make sure you have some kind of dip system and an exercise band so you can look like a professional. The first exercise is an explosive triceps dip. Using the dip machine, lower your body down, and explode upward, pushing your body upward and away from the machine, onto the ground. As soon as you’ve done 10 reps, move directly into the next exercise. For the second exercise, place an exercise band around a pull-up bar. Grip both sides of the band, keep elbows into the body, shoulders back, chest high, and squeeze down as hard as you can on both sides of your body. Do this 10–15 times, then start the whole routine over, performing 2–3 total supersets.

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