So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Sunwarrior Ambassador Nicholas Coolridge, aka Modern Tarzan

To witness beautiful human movement, you've got to see acro yoga in action. And meet Sunwarrior's newest ambassador Nicholas Coolridge: aka Modern Tarzan!

A series of poses put together in a flow is part of the acro yoga.

In acro yoga circles, people tend to be more health conscious, but it’s so much more. It builds trust and communication and there are literally times where acro yogis are placing their lives in the hands of others. That kind of trust also builds camaraderie. Nicholas Coolridge and Dana Arnold have built up a lot of trust to be able to perform the movements they show here in this video. their even able to maintain their poses when they end up with an unsuspecting audience!

It’s about making a playground everywhere you go. And nothing says playground like the Valley of Fire where the red sandstone walls are inspiring and the sand offers a nice landing pad.

We would love to introduce Sunwarrior’s newest ambassador: movement artist and American Ninja Warrior Nicholas Coolridge! Nicholas Coolridge is a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a well-known Movement Artist on social media, but just like any super hero, he goes by his alternate identity Modern Tarzan"

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