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Is Sugar Poison? Get the Facts!

It seems the world has given the short-chain, soluble carbohydrate the short end of the stick. But is sugar really poison?

sugar_cane_pure_picIt has become a popular misconception that consuming any and all sugar is bad for you. While it’s true that too much sugar can be bad for your teeth or cause weight gain, some people are ready to pull out their pitchforks and torches and run sugar (in any form) out of town. The truth is, real sugar in moderation is not only not dangerous, it has some actual benefits. If you are concerned about sugar consumption, there are some very important things you should understand about this natural product.

Real Sugar Is Not Processed and Condensed

Regular sugar is different than condensed sweeteners. Products like high fructose corn syrup are a byproduct of corn refining and have a much different molecular structure than sugar. A healthy body can process sugar through the pancreas without much effort. However, condensed sweeteners are much harder for the body to convert into energy, causing undue strain on the pancreas. Many doctors believe that this additional strain on the pancreas and insulin production is what leads to Type II diabetes.

Real Sugar Is Not a Chemical

Artificial sweeteners are one of the most controversial products on the market. While many tout their benefits of being a calorie free substitute for sugar, the same amount of people state that the use of these chemicals is harmful to the body. A recent study conducted at a Harvard medical facility found that people who consume artificial sweeteners actually consume more calories than those who opt for sugar. The study believes that the body is never “satisfied” by the artificial sweeteners so the person consumes more food in an attempt to find satisfaction.

Sugar Can Help Your Body Recover

woman_strawberry_eating_smile_picSugar can be very useful for helping the body recover from stress and exhaustion. Consuming a small amount of sugar after a stressful situation has been shown to release endorphins into the body, giving a calming effect. Many scientists believe that this is why people emotionally eat. Restricting the amount you consume will provide you with the endorphin rush while maintaining your caloric intake

If you are exhausted, consuming something with natural sugar will provide you with the energy you may need. While this works with any type of carbohydrate, sugar will work the quickest because the body can easily digest sugar.

Some cases of nausea can also be treated with sugar. In fact, old wives tales about drinking a cola or ginger ale had more to do with the pure cane sugar in the soda than the soda itself.

But What About Diabetes?

Many people relate sugar to diabetes. In fact, years ago, diabetes was often referred to as “sugar diabetes” instead of Type II diabetes. The truth is, Type II diabetes relates to the body’s inability to process any type of sugars, not just table sugar. This includes sugars from fruits, types of pastas and breads, and some vegetables. It is important to understand what types of carbohydrates have the most serious effects on diabetes to prevent and manage this disorder.

Is Sugar Really Okay?

tea_sugar_cup_lemon_picIn moderation, natural sugar seems to be the best choice. It is not highly condensed or filled with chemicals. It provides the body with energy and it can also provide comfort. Using sugar sparingly should be an alternative to using chemical or condensed sweeteners without limit.

Natural products always react better with the body. The systems in the body are not tricked or over worked when they process natural foods. You can easily regulate how much sugar you intake, and maybe even increase it a little, if you actively avoid condensed and processed sugars and eliminate chemical compounds.

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