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Strengthen Your Obliques with this Exercise

Having trouble finding a good oblique exercise to change up your routine and trim those sides? Tim shares a new one with us.

Tim McComsey, fitness trainer, dietician, gym owner, and all around nice guy, is on hand today to walk you through another powerful exercise to keep you looking and feeling your best.

tim_mccomsey_oblique_exercise_twist_push_up_picHe gets asked about this exercise often, because people really want to know how to trim up their obliques. In most people their obliques aren’t visible, but working this muscle out can do great things for defining your abs and tightening and tapering your waist. This little workout will be great way to tighten your core and the sides of your stomach.

This one won't need a lot of equipment or time, so you can even do it in the comfort of your tim_mccomsey_oblique_exercise_twist_core_push_up_pichome with the extra few minutes you can scrape up in the day. You will need a swiss ball (exercise ball), probably about 55 centimeters, and a space large enough to lie out flat. You will put your feet up on the ball, straddling it, with your hands on the ground like you’re about to do a push up. Keep your stomach tight and your hips up, parallel with the rest of your body. Slowly twist, rocking your legs to one side and then the other with the ball, but don’t let those hips dip. Keep them up and keep things tight. You will do ten to fifteen reps on each side. This exercise will work your entire core, specifically your obliques as long as you keep your core nice and tight throughout the reps. Follow along with Tim and you’ll do it perfectly for trim, fit, tapered obliques in no time.

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